R.P. Ocampo’s Fine Foods is a single proprietorship established in 1999, which was recently incorporated into RPO Fine Foods Corporation, is engaged in the prcoessing of nuts – with peanuts as the main and original product.

Our company was the first to commercially introduce to the market peanuts loaded with garlic chips under the brand name. Wow Mani (Peanuts with Crispy Garlic Chips). Since then, it has added more products under the brands of Wow Kasoy (Cashew Nuts with Garlic Chips), and Wow Bawang (Crispy Garlic Chips).

It has gained a lot of patronage in the province of Pampanga and neighboring provinces in Central Luzon in just a few years after it was established. Through word of mouth, its market has now expanded to Metro Manila and the whole country. R.P. Ocampo’s Fine Foods Products are now available in leading supermarkets like Rustan’s, SM, Landmark, and Puregold among others.

The company produces 20 tons of combined products per month but with its newly constructed production facility, it is capable of producing 40 tons per month and is still very much capable of expansion to meet future requirements.

RPO Fine Foods Corporation’s mission is a commitment to customer satisfaction – to produce high-quality and good-tasting products consistently; to give our customers the best value for money and to be at the forefront of product development.

Our vision is that we would like to be able to build and establish our brand not only in the Philippines but as well as in the international market.


It all started way back in December 1996, when my husband had a driver in his company that has a family who cooks and sells fried peanuts in a cart in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga. My husband would order a kilo of fried peanuts and ask for an additional bunch of garlic to be mixed along with the regular ingredients.

In spite of that, he and I were not satisfied because of the too much oil and salt they put in the mix. Having ordered a couple of times, we noticed the inconsistency in the way peanuts were cooked. One time still a bit raw and one time overcooked. Anyway, we cannot expect much from them being used to their own way of cooking.

So, one day I decided to cook the peanuts myself without much oil and salt in the mix. I also decided to put lots of garlic chips instead of the few cracked garlic. Being a cook, the trial did quite well the first time. With a few kilos of peanuts cooked one after the other, I was able to discover the right ingredients and perfect the way of cooking. Thus, born the special garlic peanuts, everybody now knows as “Wow Mani”.

The first time I brought peanuts along with us during our family gathering, the comments were quite satisfactory. Then a friend heard about it and ordered a jar full of peanuts. With a few more practice, it was offered to Essel Supermarket as the first outlet. From then on, one outlet became many, through word of mouth it came to what is today, probably the best-tasting garlic peanut ever! 

Multihead Weigher Training and Testing

NOTE:   For testing only. The product on the video will not be sold and are for testing purposes only. Only one or two persons will operate the machine and will be wearing proper equipment.

Food safety is always a first that’s why Nut ‘N Else (RPO Fine Foods Corporation) always strives and invests in quality assurance on our products. Less human contact means fewer chances of cross-contamination, especially during the pandemic. With our products, you are assured of the highest quality and food safety.